Sing for Hope Pianos


The piano design created for 2019 was based on a Tiffany-style stained-glass motif adorned with hummingbirds.

While trying to decide what idea I could come up with this year, I was casually looking at a small Tiffany style desk lamp I have on my desk at work which has a lovely hummingbird design on it.

It’s funny how you never know where inspiration can come from. And then it hit me. Why not make the entire piano look like a Tiffany lamp?! I imagined how spectacular this effect could look covering the entire instrument. This would also tie in to my love of Art Deco and craftsman style 20th century design.

I used paint to render the individual facets of the glass and tried to mimic a textured 3d effect for the outline segments surrounding them using a special black acrylic paint that dries solid with a raised effect (much like the lead of a stained glass design would hold the glass pieces together).

The piano went on to be placed at a fabulous location outside of Lincoln Center  for the public to enjoy.

Working in the studio

At Lincoln Center

Below: Many of the impromptu concerts and celebrations outside of Lincoln Center during June, 2019.

These spontaneous gatherings are typical of the wonderful reaction the Sing for Hope pianos have on the public at large. Bottom photo: the Padovano family and "Pianist without Borders" artist Fabio Tedde.

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