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If you would like to commission a painting of a particular scene or location, please feel free to contact me to discuss what you have in mind. Commissions make a unique one-of-a-kind work of art that can have special meaning or personal significance to you. Maybe a street from your childhood, or a neighborhood you once lived in. Perhaps there is a favorite landmark you would like to see depicted during a certain season. Whatever the reason, a commissioned painting makes for a truly unique work of art or a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. 


When doing commissions, I mostly work from photographs and develop the painting in my studio. You could either supply me with a particular photo that you have in mind or simply suggest a general location or area (for example: Central Park during the winter) that you would like depicted. I would then collect some reference and work out what the scene would look like after which I’d send you a sketch or photo comp to ok.


Most commissions should be location based, (house, street, place, etc. (I don’t do portraits).
Pricing depends on size and complexity of work (plus shipping, if necessary). After discussing the details of your project, I would get back to you with a price quote for you to approve.


There is a 50% deposit upon commencement of work and the balance paid upon completion.


Please contact me anytime to discuss the details of your project.

Gallery of Commissions

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