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Sing for Hope Pianos


The concept for my SFH piano for 2016 was to create an Art Deco inspired design inspired by early 20th century poster design and lettering using the Sing for Hope name as a typographic device. This style is highly decorative and colorful which I knew would make a stunning display as a piano theme. It is also reminiscent of the style of the Russian Constructivist and Bauhaus movements, both of which I’ve also been strongly influenced by in my design work.  The design depicts intersecting letters of the SFH words and shapes that are then colored and arranged in an offset diagonal positioning on the piano to resemble and old style poster design.

When it was time for the piano's public display, I was delighted to learn it was to be placed on the waterfront of Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking the amazing panoramic skyline of the city. What an amazing setting for this year's project.

Songs in Color Piano collage.jpg

At the special piano installation at 28 Liberty Plaza in downtown Manhattan

2016 piano side shot.jpg
2016 piano on the plaza 2.jpg
SFH 2016 piano on the plaza 1.jpg
2016 piano-children enjoying.jpg

Above: Kids enjoying the piano on a sunny day at Brooklyn Bridge Park where the piano was placed

for this year's display.

Right: Myself with Camille Zamora, co-founder of Sing for Hope, and NY1's Roger Clark during the taping of a feature story for NY1.

Roger Clark-me-Camille Zamora crop.jpg
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