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Sing for Hope Pianos


The design I created for the 2015 project was a semi-abstract concept based on the patterns and colors found on butterfly wings. I have always been fascinated with the beauty of these marvelous creatures, that I have become quite obsessed with them. Consequently I've gone on to develop this theme in a new direction of paintings that I still continue to explore.

I titled the piano "The Painted Lady" (an actual butterfly species, and quite beautiful), and incorporated some of it's wing markings and coloration into the design. I've also rendered the title with Art Deco typography (another love of mine) in the lettering as part of the overall look.

The name also seems a fitting metaphor for the grand piano itself which I see as an elegant lady decorated with these lovely patterns and colors ready to perform for her audience.

Painted Lady Piano 2015 collage.jpg

Media coverage in the Staten Island Advance

painted Lady piano at Tappen Park.jpg

Above: posing with my family at Tappen Park in Stapleton, Staten Island where the piano was placed for this year's installment.

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